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My dog went from out of control to manageable after the first session. She was a huge stress in my life and is now a fun, sweet member of my family.

Wendy B.

I love the fact that Aaron came to my house to address specific issues that we were mid-behaving. He gave me the tools to be a better dog parent and the confidence to take control.

Jill D. 

Aaron took time to assess our needs and explained the process thoroughly.  I expected it to take weeks or months to see results and instead we saw improvement almost instantly!

Holly B.

I loved how personable the service was, from Aaron coming to my house, to Brandy going above and beyond in helping me find the right supplies and scheduling appointments! Everyone was very kind and easy to work with!

Maryn K.

I am always fascinated by Aaron and his knowledge of a dog's behavior.  It really is a matter of training the owner and the dog will follow.  We will definitely be calling again.

Lori E.

My wife, Lynn can now walk buddy comfortably. He is so obedient. Aaron is the best!

Daniel P.

They came to us; progressive plan that built on previous week; clear homework

Laura C.

Your service was human focused, so that we could better understand Blue's thought process to predict bad behaviors and the correct technique to provide corrections.

Devon B.

Aaron was fantastic to work with. The sessions were convenient and extremely helpful

Cathy P.

The progression in training and the option to train off-site.

Caron L.

Aaron really understands dogs and people and it was very helpful to have his insight and modeling.

Maria K.

The training helped both the puppy and all the family members.  Consistency in the verbiage and purpose was a big help.  The light bulb went off about the power of the lease as a training tool rather than just a means of walking outside.  It was a fantastic experience.

Stephen B.

I felt that it worked on unconditional aspects of training which lead my dog to be noticeably calmer and more grounded. Aaron and Nikki were fantastic and attentive. Brandy was very helpful in scheduling.

Laura G.

Hands on training and the explanations helped me spot behavior problems in our daily routines.

Meghan B.

Aaron reminding and encouraging us that we needed to gain back control of our home and that Ruby would do better and be more at ease with new and enforced boundaries.

Michelle G.

Tailored to my dog. Enabled me to be a better dog owner.

Rachel O.

The one on one training at our home and at pet store. Also the detailed explanations by Aaron as well as from his book of the reasonings behind the dogs behavior and how to help them be more secure and behave.

Karen M. 

Aaron seems to really understand dogs and aggression.  I felt that he understood what our problem was, he'd dealt with other dogs with the same problem, and he was able to address the dog's behavior with corrective action.

Lisa B.

Effective, efficient, accurate, thorough

Stuart A.

The one on one training at our home and at pet store. Also the detailed explanations by Aaron as well as from his book of the reasonings behind the dogs behavior and how to help them be more secure and behave.

Robert K.

Aaron is dedicated to success.

Angela W.

I felt heard and validated.  My problems and goals were addressed each time.  I love the demonstration and hands on training.  Constructive criticism and feedback were key to our progression.

Carolyn A.

Personal in home training. Aaron was so patient and not judgemental when I did not follow thru with practice. A real +. You are perfect in every way. Ty

Ila M.

Aaron was wonderful!

Allison L.

Calm, respectful treatment of pets and owners

Andrea F. 

Everything.  Aaron is a genius.  Trained ME gently and adjusted to my learning mode.

I love how Aaron taught me how to continue training Chap. The sessions were as much for the family as the dogs.

Callan W.

In person support in the home


It amazed me how well Aaron truly understands dog. He was able to figure out the real source of my dogs misbehavior and teach me how to solve it.    Communication was also awesome. With both Aaron and Brandy.


Learning how dogs think in various situations.

Cherokee W.

Stayed on task

Constance M.

That I was trained how to train my dog and got to practice with Amy so she could make sure I understood what to do. Also her explanations for my dogs behavior and explaining to me how he would try to manipulate me which she was spot on every time. I was really amazed!


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