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Own a dog walking business and want to enhance your skills?


Our hands-on Dog Walker Certification Program covers topics such as dog behavior, canine focus development, leash handling, and pet safety. ​


This program is designed to ensure that you are fully prepared to provide the highest level of care and attention to every dog in your care.​​​ Completion of this program will enable you to become part of the growing 3D Dog referral network and will give you that needed edge to build trust with your clients.  

Be the best at everything you do.

The course will be delivered via in-person learning while onsite at the client’s home, or at local dog rescue facility. Includes course materials, assignments, and assessments. Participants will have access to an experienced dog walking mentor and behaviorist, who will provide feedback and guidance throughout the course. 

  • Learn proper dog handling techniques

  • Improve canine communication skills

  • Improve dog / handler safety

  • Get a competitive edge

  • Private, hands-on instruction

  • Flexible scheduling


$639 for 5 hours of private instruction.

Payment plans are available!

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