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Maddie Kenny

Maddie is a University of Georgia graduate, with a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife. From an early age she sought a life devoted to saving animals. This lifelong passion stems, in part, from watching Steve Irwin share his excitement about conservation and a love for the natural world.


Through college and after graduation, Maddie worked at a number of different zoos where she has trained and cared for hundreds of animals.


These included: Tigers, Lions, Leopards, other small exotic cats, and now dogs!

After gaining extensive zoo and animal behavior experience, Maddie took on an assistant canine trainer role in her hometown of Jasper, Georgia where she trained airport explosives detection, arson detection, and security canines for various government sectors.

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  • UGA Graduate- BS in Fisheries and Wildlife, emphasis on wildlife

  • Insync Exotics (2020-2021)

  • North Ga Zoo- Intern (2018) and Apprentice (2020)

  • Tiger World- Intern (2019)

  • Shadowed Zoologist at Wild Animal Safari (Pine Mt GA) (2012)


  • 3D Dog Certified Canine Behaviorist 2023

    • Canine behavior modification and training

    • Anxiety disorder rehabilitation​

    • Skills development

    • Relationship-based training

    • Strategic consultation

    • Service and therapy dog training​

  • Assistant Trainer VDK govt working dogs (2021-2022)

    • Narcotics Detection dogs (Border Patrol or TSA)

    • Explosive Detection Dogs (Border Patrol or TSA)

    • Accelerant (Arson) Detection Dogs

    • Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, GSPs, German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds

  • Kennel Tech at Dogwoods Boarding Kennel (2021)

  • Zoo Animal Training Experience

    • Tigers

    • Lions

    • Leopards

    • Jaguars

    • Cougars

    • Bobcats

    • Servals

    • Macaques

    • Baboons

    • Mandril

    • Gibbons

    • Lemurs

  • Exotic Cat Keeper at Insync Exotics (2020-2021)

    • Tigers

    • Lions

    • Leopards

    • Cougars

    • Servals

    • Bobcats

    • Lynx

    • Lemurs


Conservation Study Abroad in 2018:

  • Hawaii- hiked through Volcanoes National Park and watched lava flow through the craters at night, visited different beaches, including black sand beaches, kayaked in the open ocean, snorkeled along the reef

  • New Zealand- visited the adventure capital of the world, saw breathtaking views in Doubtful Sound as we hiked through the rain forests, swam with dolphins, took a dip in the glacial waters at the base of Mt Cook, visited sheep country, as well as saw the famous LOTR Mount Doom 

  • Australia- visited the Australia Zoo, home of the late Steve Irwin, studied in Sydney and Brisbane, and hiked through the outback in the Carnarvon Gorge. Favorite part of the trip was visiting an eco-resort in the middle of the GBR, Lady Elliot Island, where we snorkeled sunrise and sunset everyday. We also spent a week with host families, where my group stayed with “the snake man,” an exotic snake breeder. We were able to handle, feed, and learn about different native species of snakes. 

  • Fiji- spent the first half of the trip in the city of Nadi where we experienced much of the Fijan culture as we explored the local markets. We then boated to a smaller Fijian island where we spent the rest of the trip immersed in the small island village lifestyle. Here, we were also able to explore more reefs and wildlife as we snorkeled and hiked around the island. 

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