Nikki was extremely sweet and caring. She was super reliable and helpful. Any time I needed her, didn't matter if it was day or night, she would not hesitate to help. She, and everyone here at Three Diminsional Dogs, and AMAZING! I have such an amazing bond with Max now and I couldn't be happier. Y'all are already amazing. Y'all met my exceptions and MORE!!!


I loved how well Nikki knew dog behavior and how clear she made it for us. She consistently helped us feel like we have the tools to be there for our dogs and that with hard work we can see the behavior we want. Also, Brandy was always very friendly and helpful when it came to scheduling.

Ashley T.

Nikki was great! Personable,  Always on time, explained things very well, knew her stuff, and identified problems very quickly

Amy H. 

Nikki was great! Personable,  Always on time, explained things very well, knew her stuff, and identified problems very quickly.

Debbie R.

In-home training, trainer that listens well

Anissa H.

The evaluation of my dog and explanation of the reasoning driving the behavior. Then the one on one training and willingness to help anytime.

Lynn M.

Easy to schedule, honest and always provided full explanation/ information (explained the why of behaviors)

Kara S.

Informative techniques to implement

Ginny P.

Everything! Nikki was the best!! Highly recommend her!! She explained everything so well & in general is personable and funny! Love her!!

Nikki W.

We ended up using this training as a last resort to get our puppy in line or else... I wish we had just started him earlier on the training because he has had a major, wonderful change. Nikki taught us and Ajax! She was amazing at telling us behaviors to look for and hardwired brain functions of dogs that make the whole process just make sense. I didn't know how helpful this would all be!

Anne S.

Dependable, compassionate and patient (with us as well as our dog)

Joanne P.

The relationship formed between Nikki and Polly. I think Polly respected her greatly and was eager to learn from her and get some much needed structure. I loved the easy scheduling and being able to drive out to my apartment and meet in public places. I also love that Nikki explained all of her processes and why she was doing them. This helped us know what was going through Pollys head during the training and why we were doing it that certain way.

Tylor H.

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