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Three Dimensional Dog joins forces with KultureCity!

We are excited to announce our partnership with KultureCity, a nationally recognized non-profit whose mission is to promote inclusiveness for those with sensory processing needs.

Sensory challenges are often experienced by individuals with autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. A major barrier for these individuals can be sensitivity to overstimulating noise, which is often experienced at various events or business locations.

With its new KultureCity certification, Three Dimensional Dog is now better prepared and equipped to provide a more comfortable and accommodating experience for these individuals. “Sensory bags” for autistic children will now ride along with each canine behaviorist and can be provided in-session by request. These bags include ear protection, redirective toys, and ID cards.

As an extension of the KultureCity mission, Three Dimensional Dog has launched a new Autism Service Dog training initiative. This effort will promote the provision of specially trained psychiatric service dogs for neuroatypical individuals throughout the state of Alabama and beyond.

Our unique “parent training” program teaches and guides families with special needs individuals in the training and employment of their own pet as a service dog, all while receiving instruction from a certified behavior professional.

Instruction will be conducted privately in clients’ homes, at the 3D Dog training facility on 1st Ave South, or anywhere that service dog training needs to be practiced.

This customized approach will provide timely and affordable service dogs for families while also promoting greater mental wellness in both the animal and the individuals receiving care.

Three Dimensional looks forward to assisting KultureCity and Birmingham area families in promoting further awareness, enrichment, and access for those with sensory processing needs.

  • Autism service dog tasks can include:

  • Blocking

  • Pressure and grounding

  • Panic intervention

  • Parental alerts

  • Search and find

  • And more...

To learn more about training your own family dog to become a service dog, contact us via email at or call 205-563-8383. Or visit our website at



Did you know that 3D Dog behaviorists can also help you with other service dog training solutions? Options include:

  • PTSD assistance and intervention

  • Diabetic medical alert

  • Balance assistance

  • Seizure medical alert

  • Hearing impaired

Click here to learn more about how your dog could be trained to assist you.


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Meet Goldie, an autism service dog in training. Goldie is learning several unique tasks to help mom keep her autistic son "K" safe. Among other tasks, Goldie will help to find K, block and redirect him when wandering, to alert mom if he goes into the street, and to interrupt his ticks and fidgeting. Goldie is learning at a lightening pace and we are so proud of the family's progress in such a short period of time!



Dr. Calah Ray at Vestavia Eye Care is working with Three Dimensional Dog to train her dog Cooper to be a therapy dog for their office. Huge props for their forward-looking patient experience. Keep up the great work, and we can't wait to see the smiles Cooper brings to our community.

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