Aaron McDonald Three Dimensional Dog Training Birmingham Alabama

Aaron McDonald is a canine behaviorist, author, dog trainer, consultant, and President of Three Dimensional Dog in Birmingham, AL; and co-owner of McDonald Canine Academy.

With 20 years of experience he has accumulated well over ten thousand hours of instruction and education in the rehabilitation of canine behavioral dysfunction, canine behavior consultancy, and canine training. Aaron has participated in live radio, news broadcasts, and has been sought for his expertise by CNN, Yahoo NewsSouthern Living, B-Metro Magazine, Eating Well magazine, and petMD, the world’s largest pet health media provider.


Experience includes:


● Author of Three Dimensional Dog, A Unified Theory of Canine Behavior.

● Personal canine instructor for the family of Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, Kurdistan, Iraq 2006.

● Lead consultant for the Kurdistan Regional Government's national canine security services, Iraq 2006.

● Investigator for UAB’s Department of Psychology, therapy dog intervention study for traumatic brain injury patients, 2014.​

● Co-creator and lead manager of Transitional Partners, a Dog-Assisted Work Therapy (DAWT) program for persons suffering with mental illness at East Side Mental Health Center. This program was co-developed with Kevin McDonald, canine behaviorist and Dr. Joseph Schumacher, PhD, clinical psychology.

● Preparatory training of dog / handler teams for certification as Therapy Dog Teams to visit hospitals and nursing homes

● Training of psychiatric service dogs for sufferers of traumatic stress, present.

● Served as faculty member for Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards, 37th Annual Conference, “Dog-assisted Work Therapy”, May 2011.


● Hand in Paw recognized therapy dog trainer, 2015.

Speaking Engagements:

●Presenter for Mountain Brook Police Department, canine body language interpretation and bite prevention seminar, 2017.


● Presented to University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Preventive Medicines Grand Rounds, Dog-assisted work therapy for Veterans; Proposal for research and practice, 2010.


● Presenter at Shocco Springs 2011 Annual Mental Health Conference.

●Presenter of “Companion Dogs – A New Approach” at 2011 NAMI Annual State Conference in Montgomery, AL.

● Presented canine aggression safety seminar for parenting students at Birmingham City Schools, 2007.

● Presenter “Canine Transitional Partners” at East Side Mental Health Center, Birmingham, AL Feb 2012.

● Presenter “The Way of the Dog”, an educational seminar for Huntsville area dog trainers, May 2012.

● Guest author, Good Grit Magazine, Flourish Issue, "The Cognitive Canine", 2017.

● Guest speaker, Jewish War Veterans Post 608, "The Boy King and his Royal Dog," 2018.

Other interests:
Aaron is an accomplished artist and photographer, winning grand prize in the Energen Art Competition. He volunteers as a program coordinator with the WWII Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, plays bass guitar in a band, and is an aviation enthusiast.

Amy Funderburg is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Foreign Language Education/Spanish. As a canine behaviorist, she combines an affinity for dogs with a passion for education and teaching. Her unique approach to canine behavior seeks to instill trust within the human/canine relationship through mutual understanding and healthy boundary development.  


  • Certified Three Dimensional Dog Canine Behaviorist

  • Veterinarian technician assistant, Liberty Animal Hospital (January 2005-2011) 

Speaking Engagements and Interviews:​

  • CBS 42

  • Childcare Resources: Canine behavior and Child Safety Seminar


  • Auburn University, Bachelors of Science in Foreign Language Education/ Spanish (2010)

  • Universidad de Granada:  Granada, Spain, studied Spanish language and culture (2008)

Additional Qualifications:

  •  Pell City High School Teacher of the Year, 2016-2017


Other interests:

Amy enjoys the great outdoors hiking with her family and their two dogs, Ozzy and Sully.



Erin Miller is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology. She has diverse, international experience in animal behavior which includes research study and work in Zimbabwe and Queensland, Australia. As a 3D Dog certified canine behaviorist, Erin offers effective family-based educational strategies for canine training and behavioral rehabilitation.



Certified Three Dimensional Dog Canine Behaviorist

Predator Animal Care Professional, Birmingham Zoo: November 2014 – Present

(Canids, Felids, Mongoose, Hyrax, Squirrels, Invertebrates, Avids)

  • Developed a Leopard scent study and training program at Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe, Africa via PiCA Grant Award.

  • Primary trainer for a diverse variety of small, medium, and large mammals.

  • Co-developed Coyote training program.

  • Taught over 20 new behaviors including crating, voluntary blood draw, and free contact.

  • Head of the Zoo’s Enrichment Committee and established the training course.

  • Collaborated to develop the zoo’s 10 year Conservation Strategic Plan

  • Presented show scripts to the public for the Predator Zone Lion Training Demonstration.

  • Developed animal care and enrichment protocols.

  • Developed a study to determine the behavioral issues with red panda.

  • Completed multiple online courses provided by San Diego Zoo Global Academy.

Temporary Wild Animal Keeper: January 2014 – March 2014


  • Akron Zoological Park – Akron, Ohio

  • Animal Care for Legends of the Wild animals including:

    • Rodents, Hoofstock, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Aves

  • Animal restraint: crating, transferring, netting animals – small mammals, birds, amphibians

  • Renovate animal enclosures

  • Provide enrichment to improve animal health and welfare


6 week internship at Cairn Tropical Zoo, Queensland, Australia: 2013​


  • 18 years of horse riding and horse care experience

  • 7 years of horse training experience

  • 4 years dog agility training experience

Memberships and Extra-Curricular:

  • Bee Keeping

  • Bird Watching

  • CPR/First Aid Certified, Rabies vaccinate