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Three Dimensional Dog
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Southern Living

"Aaron McDonald, a Birmingham, Alabama-based canine behaviorist, says he sees a significant amount of dogs with anxiety related issues. In fact, some of the most common dog "problem" behaviors stem from anxiety, which in turn stems from insecurity."

B-Metro Feature

"In 2006, Aaron McDonald found himself boarding a flight that would eventually lead him to Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, to carry out the most unlikely job he had ever undertaken. In his care was a rare dog—a boerboel from South Africa, which is an ancient breed of South African mastiff—that McDonald had raised and trained himself for a high-level government official in Kurdistan."


"They record every rhythm and interval of their behavior, the order in which they move from room to room, how long it takes them to dry their hair in the morning and the sound and rhythm of their footsteps," McDonald said.

Yahoo Finance logo

Canine behavior expert, Aaron McDonald, has released a new, visual map of canine cognition that illustrates the mind and motivation of all dogs; a "Rosetta Stone" of dog behavior.


Can Dogs See TV? PetMD, the largest canine health media company in the world interviews Aaron McDonald, canine behaviorist and dog trainer in Birmingham, Alabama.

Southern Living

"Most of the time, howling along with a tune is harmless. There are times, however, when your dog may be trying to tell you that they are not, in fact, grooving. One example is when pups interpret singing as wailing. 'This connects with their empathetic minds. Dogs have this ability to experience empathy,' says McDonald. When someone in their pack, human or canine, is in distress, dogs will respond."

Eating Well Magazine

July/Aug Issue -- "Do Dog's Feel Empathy?" by Sharon McDonnell

Good Grit - The Cognitive Canine

Aaron McDonald is honored to be the guest writer for Good Grit Magazine's 2017 "Flourish" issue, a premier southern. Get your copy today and read about how Urban Standard's own Trevor Newberry rehabilitated his dog's behavior using the innovative Three Dimensional Dog cognitive approach.

NCR Corp

NCR Corporation interviews Aaron McDonald, canine behavior expert and dog trainer with Three Dimensional Dog in Birmingham, Alabama.

CBS 42

Amy Funderburg with Three Dimensional Dog says ideally the pet owner would have the pooch on a leash, but it's also important to teach your children animal etiquette. "Don't pull the ears, don't grab the tail, don't grab the skin. Be sure to show the child how to approach and ask permission to pet a dog," says Funderburg.

ABC 33/40

McDonald has worked with people who rely upon what an animal can do for them. He says, “I work with a lot of people who have invisible trauma and they need their dogs to perform in society.”

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