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In-Home Dog Training
& Rehabilitation Plans

Each session offers a fully customized curriculum. Address challenging behavior or have fun training cool skills. No extra charge for multi-dog households. Ongoing support is offered as we track your success and make needed adjustments.


*Refund policy Learn More

Single Sessions
Flexible. Pay as you go. Discontinue whenever you like. Perfect for those on a budget! Customized curriculum to fit your family's needs. 

All plans Include:

  • Consultation

  • Theory Discussion

  • Family Plan

  • Hands-on Instruction

  • Ongoing Support


Girl Hugging her Dog
Dog Lover

Intermediate Plan

3 private, in-home lessons. 

Perfect for dogs who need minor behavior enhancements. As with any program, we build a curriculum that addresses your family's individual needs. 


Save $18

Payment plans now available!

Basic Obedience Plan

5 private, in-home lessons.

Most popular plan for the most common types of misbehavior. Great for puppies and adult dogs of all ages.



Save $56!

Payment plans are available!

Dog Walk
Happy Dog

Ultimate Obedience Plan

10 private, in-home lessons. 

All-inclusive course to reach your dog's maximum potential. Master your relationship and achieve confidence in all environments. Perfect for those who seek off-leash control or more advanced capabilities such long-distance recall in complex situations. Bring us your wish list and we will build our program for you. 



Save $133!

Payment plans are available!

Group Obedience Classes

We do group classes a bit differently. Instructors invite students to attend  classes after completing their prerequisite in-home sessions.  


These groups are dynamic, engaged simulations of real-life situations one might encounter "in the wild." 

Group class is an awesome step to achieving harmony in any environment where other dogs will be present. In particular, our beer drinking clients love them as preparation for a visit to their favorite, local brewery. 

Group classes are often held at our beautiful 2400 sq. ft. downtown facility directly behind Birmingham Animal Hospital on 1st avenue south (across from the Rotary Trail).


Other classes are held off-site at various locations. We are always coming up with new ideas, locations, and formats, so be sure to check with the team about what is available! 

Cost: package rate

Call for details!


Service Dog Plan

Help your dog to help you!​ Dogs love to have a purpose. Try our affordable and timely approach to training your own service dog at home. You become the key to success as you learn how to manage your relationship and train your dog to address your individual needs.


Start Now! 

  • Private, in-home

  • Work with a certified personal instructor

  • Customized family plan

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Budget friendly

  • Receive letter of authenticity

Service Dog Options Include:


Payment plans are available!

*Service dogs must be trained for a task regarding a disability. A written doctors note will be requested in order to qualify for training.*

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Therapy Dog Plan

We love this mission! Train your therapy dog at home with the help of a 3D Dog behavior consultant.

Exceed the criteria of your therapy dog exam as we take you through the test  before you go to take the test.


Conquer challenges you never thought possible, improve your relationship,

and give back to your community.

3D Dog has several affiliates in the field, such as Hand-In-Paw and the Birmingham Airport's Traveler Loving Companions program.

Get started today!


Payment plans are available.

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Live Virtual Lessons

Join a Live behaviorist via Google Meet video conferencing. Resolve any behavior issues from the comfort and safety of home. Great for clients who live outside of our service area. We have served clients in over 15 states and internationally. 


Cost: package rate

To learn more, visit Virtual Lessons.

Dog Walker Certification

Own a dog walking business and want to enhance your skills?

Our hands-on Dog Walker Certification Program covers topics such as dog behavior, canine focus development, leash handling, and pet safety. ​

This program is designed to ensure that you are fully prepared to provide the highest level of care and attention to every dog in your care.

Completion of this program enables you to become part of the 3D Dog referral network and will give you that needed edge to build trust with your clients.  


Payment plans are available!

Dog Walker
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