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In-Home Parent-Training

& Rehabilitation Plans

Each session is 1 hour and offers a fully customized curriculum.

Address challenging behavior or have fun training cool skills! 

Ongoing support is offered with all programs.


*Refunds are not offered for unused lessons. Unused lessons expire 1 year after purchase.

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Single In-Home Lessons

Flexible. Pay as you go. 

Discontinue whenever you like. Perfect for those on a budget! Customized curriculum to fit your family's needs. 


All plans Include:

  • Consultation

  • Theory Discussion

  • Family Plan

  • Hands-on Instruction

  • Ongoing Support



Girl Hugging her Dog
Intermediate Plan

3 private, in-home lessons. 

Perfect for dogs who need minor behavior enhancements.


Save $18!

Dog Portrait
Basic Obedience Plan

5 private, in-home lessons.

Most popular parenting plan for common types of misbehavior. Great for puppies and adult dogs.



Save $56!

Girl with Dogs
Ultimate Obedience Plan

10 private, in-home lessons. 

All-inclusive course to reach your dog's maximum potential. Master your relationship and achieve confidence in all environments. Perfect for those who seek off-leash control, or public access qualification.



Save $133!

Live Virtual Lessons

Join a Live behaviorist via Zoom Meeting video conferencing. Resolve any behavior issues from the comfort and safety of home. Great for clients who live outside of our service area.



To learn more, visit 

Virtual Lessons.

Therapy Dog Plan

Train your therapy dog at home. 

Help your dog to help others.


We love this mission! Exceed the criteria of the therapy dog exam with the help of a 3D Dog behavior consultant.

Conquer challenges you never thought possible, improve your relationship,

and give back.

Call for details and quote!

A girl and her dog
Service Dog Plan

Train your own service dog at home. 

Help your dog to help you!

Dogs love to have a purpose. Try our affordable and timely approach to training your service dog at home. You become the key to success as you learn how to manage your relationship and train your dog to address your individual needs. 

Call for details and quote!


*Dog must be trained for a task regarding a disability*

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