In-Home Parent-Training

& Rehabilitation Programs

Each session is 1 hour and offers a fully customized curriculum.

Address challenging behavior or have fun training cool skills! 

Ongoing support is offered with all programs.


*Refunds are not offered for unused lessons. Unused lessons expire 1 year after purchase

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Single In-Home Session


Flexible. Pay as you go, discontinue whenever you like.

Perfect for those on a budget!

Live Virtual Lessons


Join a Live behaviorist via Zoom Meeting video conferencing.

Resolve any behavior issues from the comfort and safety of home.

To learn more, visit Virtual Lesson.

Save $10!

Intermediate Training


Perfect for dogs that need minor behavior enhancements.

3 in-home training sessions.

Save $18!

Basic Obedience Course


Most popular option for common types of misbehavior.

5 in-home dog training sessions for puppies and adult dogs.

Save $56!

Ultimate Obedience


10 in-home training sessions. All-inclusive course to reach your dog's maximum potential. Master your dog's behavior and achieve control in all environments. Perfect for those seeking advanced, off-leash control, or public access qualification.

Save $133!

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