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Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker is a 3D Dog certified canine behaviorist and dog trainer serving Birmingham, Alabama. 


Bradley graduated from Birmingham-Southern with a degree in psychology. He later went on to earn his Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

Bradley has always had a passion for  animals and a drive to help others, but there has always been a special place in his heart for dogs. 


Before settling on an education in psychology and counseling, he had often dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. Although that field was not ultimately pursued, a passion for dogs has led him on a career path that combines both a love of counseling, education, and of animals.

KultureCity Certified 2023
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  • Master's in Marriage and Family Counseling, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Bachelor's in Psychology, Birmingham-Southern College


Work Experience


3D Dog Certified Canine Behaviorist 2024

  • Canine behavior modification and training

  • Anxiety disorder rehabilitation​

  • Skills development

  • Relationship-based training

  • Cognitive-behavioral consultation

  • Service and therapy dog training​


Substance Abuse Counselor, Intern Beacon Recovery/Integrated Healthcare


  • Conducted 2-3 daily individual counseling sessions to address clients’ substance abuse issues and developed personal treatment plans

  • Facilitated 4 weekly group counseling sessions for groups of 20-25 members, focusing on relapse preventions, coping skills, and addiction education


  • Conducted daily check-ins for a caseload of 30+ individuals via phone to provide support and monitor progress


  • Ensured accurate billing and maintain organized client records for a caseload of 25-35 individuals in compliance with confidentiality and HIPAA requirements


  • Engaged clients in remote sessions, ensuring seamless communication and maintaining therapeutic rapport


  • Active participant in staff meetings, leading discussions to coordinate comprehensive care for clients Care Transitions Assistant University of Alabama, Birmingham - Birmingham, AL


  • Supported the care transitions team in arrangement of post-acute placements and services for patients


  • Facilitated communication between external entities and internal resources within the UAB Health System to ensure successful patient transition from acute care settings


  • Coordinated daily lodging assistance for 10-20 patients with financial difficulties, ensuring access to safe and supportive accommodations


  • Facilitated medication assistance for 100-150 patients by collaborating with external entities to ensure patients with financial difficulties received necessary medications Patient Encounter Specialist University of Alabama, Birmingham - Birmingham, AL 

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