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Job Status:

NOW OPEN. Accepting cover letter and resume. Full-time position.


About 3D Dog

Three Dimensional Dog is a fast-paced company that operates a field team of in-home behavior counselors and consultants in Birmingham, Alabama.


Job Description

We seek an enthusiastic and passionate animal-lover to join our team of Canine Behaviorists. This team member will travel to clients' homes and work onsite with families to develop and implement canine behavior modification strategies. On-the-job training and education is provided through a comprehensive, mentorship-based learning and certification experience.



The position is perfect for those who love to make connections with people, want to help motivate and inspire clients to achieve results, and want to save dogs in the process. We seek active lifestyle individuals who have poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style. Candidates must love teaching and psychology, have compassion for animals, and want to develop a long-term, stable career in the animal training and consultancy field. We seek enthusiastic personalities who are ready to explore new frontiers in teaching; someone who is proactive, competitive, takes initiative, enjoys people and relationships, and is ready to innovate solutions to challenges.


The Job

While we do train dogs, our results are primarily achieved through consulting with and motivating people. As "parent trainers" the job requires a high degree of promoting new ideas and visions to clients regarding their dog's behavior, and an ability to change the perception of others regarding their parenting role. 


Cover Letter & Resume

We care as much about cover letters as we do resumes. We would love to hear your story and understand your journey. Those with relevant experience in educational and counseling fields are highly encouraged to apply.

Compensation, commission-based: 50-60k


Duties include

  • Completion of 3D Dog's 300-hour certification (paid)

  • Behavioral investigation and diagnosis

  • Development of behavior modification strategies

  • Ongoing client support

  • Implementation of training strategies

  • Frequent driving to clients’ homes

  • Collaboration with a client services team

  • Compliance with training protocols and standards

  • Completion of annual continuing education credits (CEU)

  • Mentorship of staff

  • Data entry



  • Professional animal-related experience preferred, but relevant experience considered.

  • Great communication skills including written, oral, and interpersonal skills.

  • Working computer, printer, and reliable transportation

  • Proficient with computers, typing, and data entry

  • Dependable, highly punctual, and willing to work flexible hours and weekends.

  • An ability to employ training equipment.

  • Work outdoors and have the physical ability to perform strenuous work.

  • Willingness to adhere to company standards.

  • Valid Alabama driver’s license.

Submit resume and cover letter to:

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