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3D Philosophy

Three Dimensional Dog is a revolution in canine behavioral rehabilitation.

For the first time ever, science-based psychology has merged with 3D Dog's new Unified Theory to create an integrated concept which accurately interprets the mind and motivation of dogs.

Armed with this knowledge, 3D Dog behaviorists can effectively diagnose and positively impact any unwanted behavior.

This new cognitive theory focuses on the relationships, connections, and sequential patterns of dog behavior. To influence these patterns, our instruction targets "dog parents" as our primary outcome, and the behavior of dogs as a secondary outcome.

"This 'inside-out' theory serves as a road-map to empower 43 million dog owning households and training professionals to understand and change their dog's behavior with the ultimate goal of curbing the euthanasia rate of 1.2 million dogs per year in the United States."  Aaron McDonald.

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