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Our friends at Kulture City Join Forces with LEGO to Make the World More Sensory Inclusive

In 2023, the Three Dimensional Dog team made an important decision to join the growing movement to become a sensory inclusive business. Enter Birmingham-based Kulture City, an autism sensory advocacy organization. Each of our staff attended continuing education conducted by Kulture City in order to be certified in sensory needs. Our downtown training facility now features "sensory kits", which include: hearing protection, fidget toys, and weighted blankets. And each behaviorist travels with these items in their vehicles at all times.

Along with that effort, we launched an advocacy campaign to educate families about our Autism Service Dog training programs, whereby we train family pets privately at home to become highly-skilled autism service dogs. These amazing pets elevate their family involvement through a myriad of tasks which help them to navigate the complexities of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

These dogs can be trained to:

  • Block children

  • Alert parents of missing children

  • Find wandering children

  • Comfort ASD experiencers during meltdowns

  • Provide a grounding experience when they are uncomfortable.

  • And virtually any other task requested by families...

This effort continued with our affiliation with Mitchell's Place, an autism-focused educational facility.

So, it is an understatement to say are excited to learn that Kulture City has partnered with Denmark-based LEGO, who has joined us all in this effort.

LEGO House is now certified as KultureCity Sensory Inclusive™ and US and Canada stores will be certified throughout April. Details of the roll out to more stores to follow later this year. Read more about the KultureCity partnership and other long-term initiatives we have announced this Autism Acceptance Month

Stay tuned for more exciting news from all of these incredible organizations, and from Three Dimensional Dog! If you need help training your pet to become a service dog for your family, call 205-563-8383 or visit


Three Dimensional Dog Training, Birmingham, Alabama

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