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Let's go outside and train your dog!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


Our mission has always been to help families build healthy and harmonious relationships with their dogs. As events and vacations are sadly cancelled, some might wonder how to best maximize the benefits of more family time at home.

Thankfully, no one said you can't train with your dog! And now is the perfect time to invest in your dog's behavior. Plus, the weather is turning gorgeous.

Private family-based training in action.

Our unique Family First approach emphasizes enrichment games and instruction that includes parents and children working together as a team. We call this the "unified family concept" whereby each family member learns to follow the same guidelines for good canine behavior. No more arguments or guesswork about how to respond to behavior challenges. Certified Three Dimensional Dog behaviorists are uniquely positioned to continue service during these challenging times. Private lessons can be held indoors, outdoors, or anywhere your dog needs behavior enhancements. We also share your commitment to safety. Therefore, as always, we pledge to follow best practice guidelines for health and cleanliness. So as spring warms up and adventure calls, contact our certified team of behavior experts to help you lead the way!


Training Tips and Wisdom

  • Most dogs have no problems doing "more." Where growth tends to occur is within the struggle of expecting your dog to do less -- or even nothing at all. It is tantamount to family time wherein children are asked to sit at the table for dinner with no iPads, no toys, and no distraction; a time where they are expected to learn how to socialize; to pay attention and learn the art of social interaction; of communication; of eye contact and connection. You know, the stuff that truly enriches the soul. Look for ways to reduce distraction in your home and to focus on Family First.

  • Self-awareness is critical to a maintaining a healthy dog / human relationship. Know thy self when seeking answers to your dog's behavior. This means to understand how your behavior influences your dog's behavior. We use the slogan "Be what you want your dog to be." This means to model the type of behavior you expect from your dog. For instance, if you want them to walk slowly, grab your leash and guide them by walking slowly yourself. Show them how!

  • There are 2 words (or concepts) in dog parenting that are more important than all others -- "No" and "Okay." One means stop doing. The other is symbolic of the exact moment you choose to allow your dog to proceed with an action. Both of these concepts form the binary structure of your relationship and affirm your ultimate authority as an Executive Decision-maker. Through thousands of these brief, yet profoundly important moments, a foundation of trust and self-esteem can be built.


Three Dimensional Dog offers private, in-home canine behavior and consultancy services for the Greater Birmingham area. We can be reached at 205-563-8383 or visit

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