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The Canine Experience | by AARON MCDONALD

Updated: Mar 9

Dogs are more than the sum of their training. They are thinking, feeling creatures who are having an experience. As we serve each other throughout our shared experience, we guide them as parents and teachers.

In this effort, 3D Dog's unique Unified Theory of Canine Behavior propels our understanding of your dog's thoughts and emotions, and interprets your role in their life.

The prevalent and current understanding is that dog misbehavior is due to lack of training alone. While we do appreciate, encourage, and support dog training and dog trainers in every aspect, our experience has led us to seek greater psychological depths underlying traditional training modalities. This idea is even in the name Three Dimensional Dog!

What are the three dimensions of canine behavior? Physical, intellectual, and emotional. The physical stuff is easy, you can see it. The intellectual and emotional dimensions are a bit more tricky. They concern themselves with the cognitive realm, which means how your dog thinks and feels. Here, we have found the greatest need for innovation in the field. The Unified Theory tells us how to structure our relationship and how secure attachment is achieved. Secure attachment undermines behavior issues and supports relationship connection. This connection is developed, in part, through the setting of healthy relationship boundaries and by embodying a set of core leadership values.

3D Dog certified behaviorists serve as consultants who help interpret your dog's unique behavior so we can identify where certain emotional needs are not being met.


Are you ready to elevate your relationship? Spring is upon us. And now is the time to start prepping for those great outdoor adventures!


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